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Major Courses offered in German Universities

Colleges and Universities of Germany are appreciated around the world due to its quality of education. Certificates and Degrees in Germany are well accepted at the international level. German government finances administer and arrange various academic programs for national and international students. Shaheen Advisors helps you to get admission in Germany Universities.

German universities deliver standard education by offering advance courses such as:

Working Rights in Germany

In Germany, international students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week and during vacations, they are allowed to work full time. In Germany, students can earn up to 500-700 Euro in a week.

Working Rights Post Study in Germany from Pakistan

Graduation students are allowed to stay for 18 months in Germany after completing their degrees and after finding getting a job they can apply to extend their visa. They can also go for permanent residence later on.

List of Universities in Germany

German universities are preferred for higher education around the world. Around 380 universities are officially recognized in Germany that is delivering education to international students. Details of the top German universities are given below:

GISMA Business School Germany

It was founded in 1999. GISMA offers projects of Masters and MBA. Graduates of GISMA get fit in business administration, counseling, data innovation, oil and gas, mechanical designing, building, administration, and account management.

Technical University of Munich

It is a research-based university that is ranked at the 60th position of the world’s top universities. Campuses of the Technical University of Munich are located in Singapore, Straubing, Weihenstephan, Garching, and Munich. Semesters of the university fall between April to September and October to March. Faculties include Health Sciences & Medicine, Life Sciences, Architecture and Engineering, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Education, and Economics.

Technical University of Berlin

TUB (Technical University of Berlin) is the most prestigious and largest university in Germany. It is positioned at the 178th rank of the world’s best universities. There are two campuses of TUB including El Gouna Campus, Egypt, and the Berlin Campus, Germany. Semesters fall between April to September and October to March. Departments of the university include Management and Economics, Environment, Transport Systems, and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Process Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics and Humanities.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is one of the oldest universities in Germany. LMUM (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) is ranked at the 75th position of the world’s top 100 universities. It has four campuses including Garching, Obschleibheim, High Tech Campus, Grobhadern, and Downtown Campus, Munich. The Winter semester falls between October to March and Summer semester falls between April to September. Study in Germany from Pakistan students programs of the university consist of Geosciences, Biology, Pharmacy and Chemistry, Physics; Statistics, Informatics, and Mathematics, Social Sciences, Literature and Languages, Study of Culture, Educational Sciences and Psychology, Study of Religion, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy, Arts and History, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Protestant Theology and Catholic Theology.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) has a 93rd position among the world’s best universities. There are two campuses of the university including the South Campus, Karlsruhe, and the North Campus, Eggenstein-Leopoldshfen. Major study in Germany from Pakistan students programs include Management and Economics, Computer Science, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Process and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Ecological Sciences, Geology and Civil Engineering, Architecture, Social Sciences and Humanities, Biology and Chemistry, and Physics and Mathematics.

Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg

Ruprecht-Karls-University is located in Heidelberg, Germany. It has positioned itself at 66th rank among the world’s top universities. The university is having two campuses named New Campus, Neuenheimer Feld, and Old Town Campus, Heidelberg. Semester falls between April to July and October to February. Ruprecht-Karls-University offers courses in Theology, Astronomy, and Physics, Philosophy, Modern Languages, Medicine, Computer Sciences and Mathematics, Law, Social Sciences and Economics, Earth Sciences and Chemistry, Biosciences and Behavioral-Cultural Sciences.

Free University of Berlin

the Free University of Berlin was founded in 1948 and it is considered among the most prestigious universities in Germany. It is especially known for its research services in the field of Social Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, and Natural Sciences. The Free University of Berlin has taken 119th position among top universities of the world. Campuses include the Benjamin Franklin Campus, Duppel Campus, Geocampus Lankwitz, Dahlem Campus. Faculties of the university consist of Veterinary Medicine, Social Sciences and Political Sciences, Physics, Humanities and Philosophy, Medicine, Computer Science and Mathematics, Law, Cultural Studies and History, Psychology and Education, Earth Sciences, Economics, and Business, Pharmacy, and Chemistry & Biology.

University of Augsburg

the University of Augsburg is one of the modern universities in Germany. It is ranked at 59th position among the world’s best universities. The summer semester falls between April to September and the winter semester falls between October to March. The university includes the faculty of Computer Sciences, Material Engineering, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Philology and History, Social Sciences and Philosophy, Catholic Theology, Law, Business, and Economics.