List of the Countries in the Europe!


Austria is known for its rugged alpine land, royal history, excessive city architecture, and mountain villages. Austria has a moderate and pleasant climate. Austria captures tourists’ attention due to its unique places, royal history, architectural land, delicious cuisines, sports, amazing theater, music, and rich art. Crime rates are very less in Austria that is the reason, it has a peaceful and pleasant environment. Foreign students love to come to Austria for study purposes due to its peaceful environment and standard education system. The education system in Austria is affordable due to a reduced inflation rate and a stable economy. Living costs are inexpensive in Austria. Shaheen Advisors helps you to get admission Europe Universities.



It is situated at the junction of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Cyprus has a strategic location. International students choose Cyprus for graduate and undergraduate level studies due to its commitment to developing and maintaining excellence in education standards. Cyprus has a multicultural and intellectual environment. In Austria, students from diverse nationalities are free to meet without any restrictions and can exchange their ideas and knowledge to create an experimental and exciting learning environment. Cyprus provides International standard education at affordable prices. Cyprus institutions offer various scholarship facilities to international students. Cyprus provides a combination of pleasure, work, and education. TOEFL or IELTS scores are not required by Cyprus universities. The Visa requirements of Cyprus are very simple and easy-going. Cyprus has a crime ratio of less than 1% that ensures the safest environment for international students.



Germany has a moderate seasonal climate. It is situated in western-central Europe. Germany is a well-known migration destination. Germany is the largest European economy. It is the world’s 4th largest economy after China, Japan, and U.S. Germany is the world’s larger exporter in textiles, shipbuilding, beverages, chemicals, cement, food, electronics, machine tools, vehicles, machinery, coal, steel, and iron. It is a great business hub. Germany is among the preferred destinations of higher education in the world. International students prefer Germany for higher education due to several reasons including the excellent education system, low administrative fee, no tuition fee, diverse study programs, employment prospects, great lifestyle, peacefulness in life, personal security, and promising international standards of education.

United Kingdom

The U.K. is the greatest destination for higher studies. It has the world’s 6th largest economy with a higher buying power. In the United Kingdom, tourists experience beautiful buildings, historical towns, art galleries, museums, and live theater. The United Kingdom is expensive as compared to other European countries but it has a reduced tuition fee. The U.K. offers a vast range of career opportunities. Study programs of the U.K. have a shorter duration in comparison to the study programs of other foreign universities. The United Kingdom offers a 1-year Post-graduate study program, 3 years Honors degree, and 2 years’ Bachelors’s study program. Studying in the U.K. saves money and time.


Ireland is a country with a friendly, safe, modern, and dynamic environment. Ireland has developed itself into an advanced and technologically progressive economy from agricultural land. Ireland has a higher purchasing power. Ireland focuses on education much. The education system of Ireland is considered among the best systems in the world. Rapid economic growth has made the education system of Ireland strong. Education from Ireland is highly appreciated in the world. Higher educational institutions of Ireland offer diverse degree programs with practical knowledge.



Sweden is a land of mountains, forests, inland lakes, and coastal islands. It has a moderate environment throughout the year. Tourists are attracted to Sweden due to its food, dancing, singing, and sports activities. Sweden is satisfying and inexpensive to live, study, and work. Accommodation and education cost is economical in Sweden. The peaceful and pleasant environment in Sweden is perfect to study, work, and live.