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Overseas students are attracted to China due to its higher-quality studies. Major courses offered by universities in China are given below:

Scholarship Opportunities in China

There are various scholarship opportunities in china for overseas students. Ministry of Education in China has delegated 279 Chinese universities that are the best. The Chinese government sponsors international research scholars, teachers, and students to join higher educational institutions in China. China is a progressive country that promotes education, research, and development.

BDS & MBBS Programs in China

Courses offered in Chinese Universities

Chinese educational institutions offer a wide range of course such as:

List of Documents

Valid passport, valid TOEFL/IELTS score, sufficient bank balance, educational transcripts, and admission letter is required to get admission in the universities in China.

Working Rights in China

Overseas students are not permitted for a part-time job in China. A permission letter from a particular university is required to work in China.

List of Universities in China

Shenyang Medical College

It is a medical university having a multi-tier education system located at Shenyang. Faculties of Shenyang Medical College include Health Management (Public Health), Anaesthesiology, Preventive Medicine, Stomatology, Oral Medicine, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Clinical Medicine. Shaheen Advisors helps you to get admission in Shengyang Medical University of China.

Dalian Medical University

It is considered among the topmost medical institutions. It has a wide network with more than 100 clinical training centers, four associated hospitals, five teaching faculties, one nursing school, and 15 colleges. This university is having a partnering relationship with medical institutions of more than 17 countries. Study programs of the university include Metabolism Disease and Endocrinology, Emergency Medicine, EICU, Diagnostic Medicine, Venereology & Dermatology, Critical Care Medicine, Western Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Clinic Orthodontic, Cell Biology, Cardiovascular disease, Cardiology, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Arrhythmia, Anesthesiology and Anatomy, Pharmacology, Pathology, Pathogenic Biology, Orthopedic Surgery, Oral Pathology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Nephrology, Microbiology, Medical Oncology, Medical Laboratory, Medical Immunology, Medical Imageology, Interventional Radiology, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Immunology, Hematology, Health Management, Global Health, Genetics, General Surgery, Gastrointestinal Disease, Gastroenterology, Epidemiology, and more others.

Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SXTCM)

This university is owned by the government. Faculties of SXTCM university include Management Center Experiment, Research, and Teaching Sports Department, School of Political Theory, School for International Education, Technical and Vocational College, Institute of Food Engineering, Institute of Pharmacy, School of Management, Clinical College of Medicine, School of Integrative Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine College, and College of Clinical Medicine.

Hunan Normal University

It is located at Changsha. Hunan Normal University is a network of three teaching departments, 51 research establishments, and 24 colleges. Courses offered in Hunan Normal University include Forestry & Agriculture, Arts & Literature, Education, Philosophy & Law, Engineering & Science, Medicine, Management & Economics, Culture, and Chinese Language.


HUCM is situated in Wuhan City. It has two-semester intakes including September and March. Faculties of the university consist of TCM Surgery and TCM ENT, TCM Nursing, Traditional Pharmacy, Moxibustion, Acupuncture, and Division of TCM.


XJTU has 3 campuses located at Qujiang, Yanta, and Xinging. Faculties of the university include Statistics and Mathematics, Foreign Studies, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Law, Administration, Public Policy, Technology, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Astronautical Science, Continuing Education, Finance & Economics, Science, Marxism Studies, Power Engineering, Energy, Food Equipment Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Information Engineering.

Zhejiang University

There are six campuses of Zhejiang University including Zhoushan, Zijin’ gang, Zhijiang, Huajiachi, Xixi, and Yuquan Campus. Departments of Zhejiang university include Environment, Life, Agriculture, Medicines, Information Technology, Engineering, Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

It is included in the top 39 universities of Asia. Campuses of SJTU are located at Fahuazhen Road, Shangzhong Road, Qibao, South Chongqing Road, Minhang, and Xuhui. Departments of the university include Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Naval Architecture, Software Engineering, Information Security Engineering, Micro-electronics, Design & Media, Law, Medical, Pharmaceutics, Engineering & Environmental Science, Biology & Agriculture, Foreign Languages, Public Affairs, MBA, Finance, Management, Economics, Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, Humanities, Biomedicine, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Physics & Mathematics, Material Sciences, and Electronic Engineering.

USTC (University of Science and Technology of China)

There are three campuses of the university including East, South, and North. USTC offers courses in the field of Software Engineering, Public Affairs, Physical Sciences, Technology, and Nuclear Science, Mathematical Sciences, Management, Life Sciences, Information Science, Social Science, Humanities, Gifted Young, Engineering Science, Space Sciences, Earth Sciences, Computer Science, Material Science, and Chemistry.

Nanjing University

Nanjing University is the most prominent, most prestigious, and oldest higher education institution in China. It is ranked in 35 top universities in Asia. It has 3 campuses named Pukou Campus, Xianlin Campus, and Gulou Campus. Faculties of Nanjing university include Life Sciences, Law, Foreign Studies, Business, Communication and Journalism, Applied Sciences and Engineering, Electronic Sciences, Technology & Computer Science, Oceanographic Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Space Sciences, Astronomy, Mathematics, Acoustics, Physics, Philosophy, History, and Humanities.

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