List of Countries in the Asia!

Required Documents For Turkey

A Eurasian country named Turkey is surrounded by Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, and Bulgaria. Turkey is the best tourism destination concerning its mountains, beaches, diverse scenery, best cuisine, and splendid historical land. Turkey has freedom for values and beliefs. It has diverse religions and cultures that is why it has a pleasant environment. Foreigners visit Turkey for study purposes, to have a pleasant time, or for tourism purposes. Turkey is a great study destination because it offers a state-supervised education system. Turkey offers many opportunities for international students for having experience and education at the same time. Turkish institutions help in the career-building of their students.


China is a highly populated place with more than 1.3 billion inhabitants. Economists believe that China will have the world’s biggest economy in the next century. Due to the improvement in the higher education system and a rapidly growing economy, China attracts a large number of foreign students. China has categorized its student visa into an F & X visa. F visa is for those overseas students who used to come for 6 months in China. Those foreign students who used to come for more than 6 months must have an X visa. Students are required to have a provisional residence permit before the expiry date of X visa because it applies to 30 days only. China is a popular study destination around the world due to its lower living expenses, reasonable cost of education, growing economy, higher developments, and easy access to higher education institutions. China offers degree programs like Finance, Business, Trade, Economics, Medicine, Science, Medical, and Engineering. Shaheen Advisors helps you to get admission for study abroad.


Germany has a moderate seasonal climate. It is situated in western-central Europe. Germany is a well-known migration destination. Germany is the largest European economy. It is the world’s 4th largest economy after China, Japan, and U.S. Germany is the world’s larger exporter in textiles, shipbuilding, beverages, chemicals, cement, food, electronics, machine tools, vehicles, machinery, coal, steel, and iron. It is a great business hub. Germany is among the preferred destinations of higher education in the world. International students prefer Germany for higher education due to several reasons including the excellent education system, low administrative fee, no tuition fee, diverse study programs, employment prospects, great lifestyle, peacefulness in life, personal security, and promising international standards of education.



Malaysia is well known for its constant development and industrialization. Malaysia has transformed itself into a manufacturer and exporter of finished goods from a raw material producer after the 1970s economic boom. Malaysia is an exporter and manufacturer of wood & timber products, liquefied natural gas, crude petroleum, apparel, pepper, cocoa, rubber, and palm oil. China, Japan, the United States., and Singapore are the main markets of Malaysian products. In Malaysia, living cost is quite economic. Residence in Malaysia is affordable due to its lower taxes, economical dining out, low-priced food, and inexpensive housing. Kuala Lumpur is considered the world’s most economical city for entertainment, hotel rates, transport, clothes, electronics, and food. Malaysia attracts more than 50,000 foreign students from the world for study purposes. English is the communication medium in Malaysia that is why foreign students feel it easy to live and study there. Most of the international universities have their campuses in Malaysia. Malaysian degree is well-accepted around the world. Malaysian universities offer dual degree programs in partnership with the institutions of Australia, NZ, USA, and the UK.



Japan is a bigger country having a size smaller than the US but larger than Switzerland and Germany combined. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is a densely populated country. Most of the population of Japan lives in urban areas. After China and the US, it has the world’s 3rd largest economy. Japan is an Asian leader in the fields of transportation, stock exchange, telecommunication, retailing, and banking. Japan welcomes overseas students for higher education and job finding.


UAE has experienced dramatic development in tourism, hotel industry, manufacturing, industrial and banking sector, commerce, trade, and business. UAE offers education of a higher standard that is admired around the world at doctoral, university, college, and school levels. International students join educational institutions of UAE due to their affordable costs, internationally recognized degrees, social security, shopping paradise, amazing cuisines, and diverse cultures. UAE has campuses of off-shore universities. Fujairah College and the American University of Sharjah are well-recognized institutions of UAE. UAE institutions offer a brilliant career and help students in achieving their professional goals.