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New Zealand always has been a great attraction for tourists and students due to its beauty and quality education. Common courses that are offered Universities in New Zealand include:

Working Rights in New Zealand

Students can work with studies in New Zealand. Part-time work is allowed for 10 hours per weak and full-time work is allowed during semester breaks.

Working Rights Post-Study

One year of work visa is approved on the completion of graduate studies. For one year students can find a job and can apply for permanent residence.

List of Documents

Valid passport, valid TOEFL/IELTS score, sufficient bank balance, educational transcripts, and admission letter is required to get admission in the universities of New Zealand.

List of Universities in New Zealand

NCBT( Newton College of Business and Technology)

NCBT has web-based mechanized education frameworks. NCBT offers 8 intakes per year and the session starts in November, October, September, July, June, April, March, and January. NCBT is the best institution for Information Technology, Media, and Business studies.

Waiariki University

Whakatane, Tokoroa, Taupo, Waipa, and Mokoia are the grounds of Waiariki University for higher education. Waiariki starts sessions in February, November, and July. It offers courses in Sport, Humanities, Education, Health, Creative Arts, Information Technology, Business, Primary Industries, and Applied Technology. Shaheen Advisors helps you to get admission in Waiariki University of China.

Whitireia University

Whitireia University offers graduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and short courses. Auckland, Wellington, Kapiti, Industry Training Centre, Performance Centre, and Porirua campus are the operating campuses of Whitireia University. Whitireia university is best for programs like Services & Trades, Health, Information Technology & Business, and Arts.

University of Otago

the University of Otago is a well-reputed university around the world. It is known for its excellence in education, training, diverse programs, and unique environment. Its campuses are located in New Zealand, Otago and Dunedin. The University of Otago offers educational programs in the field of Science, Humanities, Health Sciences, and Commerce.

University of Canterbury

It is one of the oldest universities in New Zealand. The University of Canterbury has five colleges named School of Law, College of Engineering & Science, College of Education, School of Business and Economics, and College of Arts. Campuses are located in New Zealand, Canterbury and Christchurch.

Auckland University of Technology

There are 3 campuses of the university named AUT South Campus, AUT North Campus, and AUT City Campus. AUT offers study programs in Recreation & Sport, Public Policy & Social Sciences, Sciences, Law, Culture & Language, Events, Tourism & Hospitality, Health Sciences, Engineering, Education, Creative Technologies, Double degree programs, Mathematical Sciences & Computer Sciences, Communication Studies, Business, Design, and Art.

EIT (Eastern Institute of Technology)

EIT offers more than 130 education programs for undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates. Moreover, it offers short courses and practical diplomas. EIT focuses on practical education and professional courses. EIT has seven campuses consisting of Tairawhiti Campus, Wairoa Learning Centre, Maraenui Learning Centre, Hawke’s Bay Campus, Hastings Learning Centre, Central Hawes Bay Learning Centre, and Auckland Campus. Practical courses of EIT include Hairdressing, Health Professions, Forestry, Fashion, English Language, Education, Creative Industries, Computing, Community Health, Business, Beauty and Body Health, Arts & Design, Agriculture, Styling, Waimata, Tourism & Travelling, Technology & Trades, Recreation & Sport, Social Sciences, Industry Training, Screen Production, Social Sciences, Science & Research, Nursing, Music, Message, Health Sciences, Viticulture, Wine Science and Horticulture.

Lincoln University

Lincoln University provides exceptional research opportunities. Telford Campus and Te Waihora Campus are the main campuses of Lincoln university. The semester starts in July & February. Offered courses include Entomology, Engineering, Economics, Ecology, Design, Computing, Communication, Commerce, Business Management, Biological Science, Biochemistry, Animal Science, Accounting, Academic English, Law Studies, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture & Genetics, Forestry & Food Science, Finance, Environmental Studies, Soil Sciences & Social Sciences, Recreation, Quantitative Methods, Psychology & Physical Science, Plant Science & Plant Protection, Property Management & Valuation, Water Resource management, and Tourism.

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