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List of Universities in the Oceania



Australia possesses the world’s 13th largest economy. The main exports of Australia consist of the mining and agricultural sector that contributes to a larger portion of the country’s economy. Australia has a higher living standard. As per human development indexes and quality of life indexes, it is ranked among the 5 best countries in the world. The quality of water, food, public transport, accommodation, and housing is excellent in Australia. Australia has a safe environment because it is the country with the lowest crime rate. Australia offers various sports and leisure activities for students. Australia has an excellent education system. Australian universities are well-accepted around the world due to their quality of education. Australia offers multiple scholarships for foreign students.

new zealand

New Zealand

Dunedin, Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland are the urban areas of New Zealand. 80% of the New Zealand population lives in these areas. Flora and fauna, alpine mountains, a sunny coastline, tropical rain forests add to the beauty of New Zealand. The service sector and agriculture sector are the two leading sectors. Agricultural products of New Zealand contribute to exports by up to 50%. The tourism industry of New Zealand also contributes to the economy. New Zealand universities use advanced technology and innovative teaching methodologies. New Zealand is a peaceful country that is why it is selected by foreign students for educational purposes.

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